Forehead lines

Wrinkle relaxer injections placed into the forehead muscle can significant reduce forehead lines, but care needs to be taken not to cause drooping of the brow or upper eyelid.

Dermal fillers can be injected into forehead  to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and to replace volume loss, smoothing out  the forehead.

Wrinkling of the forehead is a common concern of both men and women. The frontalis muscle in the forehead is the only muscle responsible for lifting the brows. Contraction of the frontalis causes parallel horizontal lines on the forehead.  It is particularly active in those who have an excess skin on their upper eyelids and use  frontalis muscle to lift the brows / eyelids to keep the eyes more open.

Wrinkle relaxers are best suited for people who have dynamic lines (lines when you move a muscle only) or faint lines at rest. These injections reduce the contraction of muscle and hence reduce lines. 

Forehead wrinkle treatment often is a compromise between moderating the activity or contraction of the frontalis muscle using wrinkle relaxer injections (which reduce the contraction of the muscle), and preserving the elevating power of the frontalis muscle.

We tend to always treat the frown area as well as the forehead in women at the same time  to prevent the eyebrows from feeling heavy or dropping in height. 

There are 3 particular type of patients that we recommend dermal filler instead of wrinkle relaxers alone.

  • Those with deep forehead lines where wrinkle relaxer  treatment alone has not reduced them sufficiently
  • Those with a low brow or already  hooded eyelids who do not drop their brows further.
  • Those that have forehead volume loss

A  common oversight by both patients and practitioners,  forehead and upper face volume loss is often  not recognised.  The concern is often disguised by hair, or the focus is on other parts of the face. Replacement of volume in the forehead not only rejuvenates the face, but also in many cases improves the overall harmony and balance of the area, and general smoothness of the forehead.

The forehead tends to lose volume with ageing due to loss of subcutaneous fat, bone resorption, as well as thinning of the muscles and skin. This causes flattening or concavities to form in the forehead and the bony outline of the skull to become more evident. Furthermore, the loss of volume can tend to increase the tendency  of the skin to wrinkle with contraction of frontalis (forehead muscle).

Replacement of lost volume is best achieved by using dermal fillers. These can be strategically placed to improve volume of the forehead, and to recreate a more convex and youthful appearance. Revolumisation provides resistance to skin creasing, and brow support.

Dermal filler is made of hyaluronic acid,  a sugar found naturally in the body. It is injected under the skin  to reduce fine lines, wrinkles & replace volume. Dermal filler is ideal for deep lines in areas where we still want to have muscle movement.Results are visible immediately.

Wrinkle relaxer  injections reduce muscle contraction. They are injected under the skin and take  2-14 days to exert their effect.

Why choose Jeunesse MedSpa® for your forehead treatment?

At Jeunesse MedSpa®, our injectors have many years of specialist experience in the use of wrinkle relaxer injections and dermal fillers for the treatment of your forehead concerns. We allow you ample time to communicate your aesthetic goals to us, and use our expertise to help you achieve your desired outcome. They  carefully assess and treat your forehead, using only the latest, most advanced techniques with wrinkle relaxers and  dermal filler injectables. 

Who better to trust than one of the most experienced providers in New Zealand of  forehead treatment , the medical team  at Jeunesse MedSpa®… experience you can trust. 


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