Vampire Facial® & Facelift®

The Vampire series of treatments uses your own platelets and growth factors isolated from a small sample of your blood. The ‘Vampire’ name, while sounding a bit aggressive is simply derived from the fact that all the treatments utilise platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

The treatment includes drawing about 2-4 teaspoons of your blood which is harvested into a special tube and then spun down in a centrifuge to separate out your platelets and plasma from your red blood cells. The clear yellow plasma and active healing platelets are applied (Vampire Facial®) or injected (Vampire Facelift®) into your face or neck in a specific way to rejuvenate your tissues, and the red cells are discarded.

PRP is considered to be very safe, as it uses your own body’s natural healing processes – the growth factors that tell your body’s stem cells to repair and rejuvenate the tissue they’re placed in – and so has almost no chance of reaction, infection or over correction. Over a 3-5 week period the treated tissue starts developing more collagen, better blood supply, and improved soft tissue support, essentially creating younger tissues, with full results developing 3-5 months after your treatment.




Vampire Facial®                            Vampire Facelift®

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