Hand Rejuvenation

Our hands are one the hardest working parts of our bodies. They are often exposed and are one of the first places to start showing visible signs of ageing. Faces and necks are often given priority with anti- ageing treatments, while hands tend to be ignored although they are a dead give away of our age. 


Hand grading scale: 0=No loss of fatty tissue | 1=Mild loss of fatty tissue; slight visibility of veins | 2=Moderate loss of fatty tissue; mild visibility of veins | 3=Severe loss of fatty tissue; moderate visibility of veins | 4=Very severe loss of fatty tissue; marked visibility of veins bands. Source: Merz Aesthetics


The more common visible signs of ageing include 

  • brown pigmentation spots ( “age spots”) 
  • prominent veins and tendons 
  • wrinkly thin skin

 A great manicure or nail art can mask the ageing hand for a while but now we have some fabulous options to resolve the issue  for longer.


What are the different types hand rejuvenation?

Hand rejuvenation treatments can help restore the hands to a more youthful appearance. 

The common treatment options include :

1. Dermal Fillers

When these fillers are injected into the hands they can plump up the skin and give it a more youthful appearance. 

The results are visible immediately with re- inflation of  the dorsum (backs) of the hands to smooth and camouflage the protruding tendons and veins 

The procedure is nearly painless and takes about ten minutes per hand to perform. The filler  is placed in the sunken areas between the tendons on the backs of the hands and then massaged into place to re-inflate (i.e. restore lost volume) and to smooth the area. The results are immediate and typically engender a “Wow!” response. There is usually no significant downtime. 

2. Light based therapy -IPL 

Through short bursts ( pulses )of light ( IPL) unsightly dark “age” spots  and redness are gently removed the skin. 

The brown pigment may become darker immediately after treatment and fades away after 1-2 weeks.  It usually requires a course of 3-4 treatments spaced 2-4 weeks apart. 

3. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP uses the power of your blood  to signal to the body it needs to repair and rejuvenate the skin. It improves the texture , thickness and luminosity of the fine skin on the backs of  of your hands. A course of 3 treatments at least one month apart is recommended with annual maintenance treatments. 

4. Topical skin serums

Skin care serums including Vitamin A serums and sunscreen  which are applied to treat your face and neck, can also be applied to your hands. When these serums  are applied to the hands it causes age spots to disappear while plumping up the skin and the tissue appears less transparent. 
We usually recommend using  an extra pump of product ( when you are treating your face and  neck  and applying the product to the backs of your hands. 

If you believe that your hands don’t reflect the rest of your appearance, then it may be time to think about hand rejuvenation. 

Hand rejuvenation with dermal Fillers is an advanced technique and our doctors are highly experienced and trained 

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