Profhilo® is a new groundbreaking treatment, which launched in New Zealand in August 2020. It’s hugely popular in the UK and Europe for the last 4 years. Jeunesse MedSpa® injectors were part of the NZ launch trials.

Profhilo® is a skin remodelling treatment, also thought of as “injectable moisturiser”. Although it contains hyaluronic acid it is not a dermal filler. It differs from traditional dermal fillers a in that it doesn’t volumise but instead stimulates the laying-down of new collagen and elastin in the superficial layers, just under the surface of the skin.

Profhilo® helps boost hydration, improve skin laxity and reduce the appearance of fine lines. This revolutionary pure hyaluronic acid,  is a unique mixture of both high and low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid (naturally occurring sugar chain).The patented manufacturing process does not involve the use of chemical crosslinks, which makes it unique from traditional fillers. 

Profhilo® is injected into specific points called  bio aesthetic points. This means only 5 injections on each side of the face, neck or hands. Once it’s injected, it spreads  like honey being drizzled over fruit, distributing even under the skin. Profhilo® then integrates with the skin, leading to hydration and bio-remodelling of collagen and elastin.

Profhilo®  requires 2 treatments  spaced 1 month apart. It takes a few weeks to work, so you probably won’t start seeing results until after the second treatment. The first treatment stimulates the hydration process and the second treatment further hydrates and ensures longevity. 

Profhilo® contains hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring sugar compound found in our body. Hyaluronic acid (HA) has the amazing ability to hold 1000 x its weight in water giving the skin a smooth, plump appearance.  UV exposure and environmental factors result in the reduction of  hyaluronic acid in your skin , as well as collagen breakdown causing fine lines and wrinkles to appear.

Profhilo® is a skin remodelling agent. Once injected it spreads evenly across your skin like honey. It stimulate collagen and elastin and attracts water into the deeper layers of your skin.

Although Profhilo®, skin boosters & dermal fillers are all made up of hyaluronic acid (HA) , Profhilo is a very different treatment from either skinboosters or dermal fillers. It improves the skin quality, rather than add volume. The  treatment process, effects, and technology are very different  from traditional skinbooster treatments. The main difference is due to  a unique hyaluronic acid molecule called the Hybrid Coorperative Complex (HCC) which has a combination of both low and high molecular weight HA.

Skin boosters replace lost hyaluronic acid in our skin  to restore hydration and elasticity. The procedure involves multiple tiny injections of a low viscosity HA filler into the mid layers of the skin. Common skin boosters are non cross linked including Teosyal Redensity 1 & Restylane Vitale.

Fillers, on the other hand,  replace lost volume or treat lines and wrinkles. Dermal fillers such as Belotero, Teosyal, Restylane  &  Juvederm  are also made up of HA.  Crosslinking the HA molecules  with BDDE helps to improve the lifting properties and increase longevity. 

Profhilo® is a quick and easy treatment. Generally, after your consultation and assessment, the procedure can take around 30 minutes.

The product is injected just under the skin at bio aesthetic points eg. 5 on each side of your face   which is then gently massaged.

Profhilo® does not contain local anaesthetic, so there may be slight discomfort which can be managed with ice.

Make-up can be worn soon after treatment should there be a need, using a clean brush.

Profhilo only requires 5 injections on each side of the face or neck. This differs from other regular skin boosters  which require multiple injections.  The injections may sting momentarily and in  most times it causes only mild discomfort.  Occasionally minimal tenderness for the first 24- 72 hours may occur.

Generally the treatment requires no recovery time. You may find yourself a little red with some swelling at the injection sites which usually subside  within  1-2 days. You can return to your normal  routine activities immediately  after the treatment, other than vigorous exercise for the first 24 hours following the procedure.

Bruising can also occur, and if it does, it can take a week to heal.

Profhilo®  spreads within the tissue like honey. This diffusion within the tissue  continues for up to 4 weeks after each injection. 

Initially results are visible after 1-2 days, with the results gradually improving. The full result is normally  best around 8 weeks after treatment, after collagen and elastin development.

Profhilo®  is a relatively safe treatment with a very low risk of side effects. These are usually due to the injection. Temporary side effects include :

  • redness
  • pain
  • itching
  • discolouration
  • tenderness at the injection sites

Very rare risks have been reported  in the literature. These include blindness, loss of blood supply to an area of skin and infection associated with the filler product.

Initially, we recommend two treatments (approximately  4-6 weeks apart), after which you will start to notice significant results.  The second treatment is important to ensure the longevity of the product. The longevity dose however vary in individuals. 

Profhilo usually  last for approximately 6 months. We recommend  maintenance appointments at approximately six-monthly intervals. If you choose not to maintain the results with further treatment, your skin will return to its pre-treatment state over time. 

The cost of a course of 2 treatments ( 2 x2ml) spaced 4 weeks apart for the face or neck is  $1600 if paid at the time of the first treatment.  If treatments are paid for individually the charge is $850 per treatment. 

Repeat  treatments are $800 for each 2ml 

The short answer is yes! Profhilo can be safely combined with botulinum toxin injections , energy-based devices and dermal filers. In fact, it works best, when combined with fillers – the fillers will replace lost volume, while Profhilo finishes the job but restoring youthfulness to the skin.

Why choose Jeunesse MedSpa® as your provider of Profhilo® Treatments ?

Our doctor and nurse are experienced Profhilo®  injectors and were amongst the first  injectors in NZ.  Our initial consultation allows you ample time to communicate your goals to us, and use our expertise to best advise you on what treatment suits you best to achieve your desired outcome. 

So if you want to treat your skin laxity and improve your skin quality, then Profhilo®  at Jeunesse MedSpa® may be the answer!

Contact us for your initial consultation, where we will empower you to make an informed decision and set a realistic and achievable outcome.


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Profhilo®, containing low & high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, is a Class III medical device for the treatment of the face and body for contours redefinition and laxity remodelling where skin laxity is a problem.  Profhilo has risks and benefits. Do not use with treatments such a laser resurfacing or medium deep skin-peeling. Caution in people on blood thinning medicines.Do not inject into inflamed areas or intravenously or intramuscularly. Possible side effects: pain and swelling at injection site. Accelagen Pty.  Ltd. Whanganui.

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