Earlobe Filler

The earlobes, like the tops of hands, can reveal signs of age, due to elongated earlobe holes, brown spots, and sagging. As we age our ear lobes actually become bigger and thus start to look like they are sagging. The addition of gravity and jewellery such as clip on or pierced earrings all put an added weight pressure on the area and can stretch and elongate the lobe and also the piercing hole. In some cases jewellery no longer sits correctly on the ear as desired by the wearer. Often many women choose to wear their hair style in such a way as to not draw attention to their ears. There’s now a quick, in-office fix that can help combat the drooping just as it can elsewhere on your face: earlobe filler.

Earlobe  filler  rejuvenates and  lifts the ear lobe,  to restore the shape and plumpness of the lobe by pushing it outwards and give a more youthful appearance to the lobe.  A small amount of filler injected into the area can also make it easier for jewellery to sit correctly on the lobe again, aiding cosmetic appearance.

The ear lobes are cleaned with anti-septic. This a relatively painless procedure so topical anaesthetic is not usually require. Ice may be applied to the area briefly before treatment. The doctor will inject using a very fine needle. Then pressure with gauze will be applied.It can be completed in about 10 minutes with results that are visible immediately.The area feels firmer and thicker and helps earring sit better.This is a relatively painless procedure.


Bruising occurs in a significant number of cases.

Swelling in the injection area will occur. This will last for aprox 48 hours

Asymmetry: Sometimes one side is better treated than the other, this is usually because the patient is asymmetrical to start with.

Infection is a very rare complication, but always a possibility when the needle goes into the skin.

Necrosis (blood vessel being blocked, interfering with blood supply to the skin) is very rare. This could lead to scarring.


The effect of the dermal filler will be obvious immediately

Most of the swelling from the dermal filler will have resolved by 2-3 days after the procedure. There may be a small amount of swelling for even 2-4 weeks after the procedure.


Typically with our most commonly used dermal filler they should be retreated at 6 months, then at 6 -12 monthly  

The skin on the ear is similar to facial skin and you should extending your skin care application,including to retinol, hyaluronic acid serum  and sunscreen  onto the entire ear.

Why choose Jeunesse MedSpa® for your ear lobe enhancement?

At Jeunesse MedSpa®, our doctors have over a decade of experience with dermal fillers. They  carefully assess your ears and sculpt your ear lobes  using only the latest, most advanced techniques with earlobe  filler. 

Who better to trust than one of the most experienced providers in New Zealand of  earlobe enhancement, the doctors at Jeunesse MedSpa®… experience you can trust. 


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