Non-Surgical Brow lift

The eye area is particularly vulnerable to ageing. The skin is the thinnest in this area of the body and contains lowest numbers of sebaceous glands which lubricate and waterproof the skin. This means the skin dries up faster and therefore wrinkles easily.  Age also affects bone, tendon and muscle mass, which can alter the shape of the periorbital area. Often the brow and eyelid can appear heavy. 
Traditionally  the  only method to remove  loose eyelid skin and lift the brow was surgery. At Jeunesse MedSpa®  we provide an alternate to surgery to lift the eyebrows and rejuvenate the eye area, using  wrinkle relaxers and dermal filler injections. 


Wrinkle relaxer injections in the frown and outer part of the upper eyelids can relax the muscles which pull the eye brow downward.This  stops them dropping but also allows the forehead muscle to lift the brow.  Usual doses between 2- 6 units of wrinkle relaxers on each side are required. It lifts about 1-2 mm which although it sounds    only small , can make a big difference in this area. Accurate placement of the wrinkle relaxer will ensure optimal lift.
Brow droop is most commonly due to volume loss in bone and soft tissue supporting the brow. Strategic placement of a small amount of dermal filler on top of the bone above the  eyebrow  and /or underneath the eyebrow can replace lost infrastructure and lift the brow. Usually 1/2 to 1 syringe of product is required in this area. A 1-3 mm lift in this area can make quite a big difference.  
With any injection there is a risk of redness , bruising , pain, bleeding , swelling and infection. Treatment to this area is usually uncomplicated.  There is a small risk of bruising at the injection sites at the outer part of the eyebrow.  
Wrinkle relaxer injections  in this area can result in spread or diffusion  into the surrounding eye muscles. The muscles that are treated are very close to the muscle that lifts the upper eyelid. If this muscle is affected it can lead to temporary dropping of the eyelid ‘ptosis ‘. This is a very rare (<0.1% ) occurrence and usually wears off within 2-4 weeks.
This treatment is ideal for those who have begun to notice signs of ageing along their brow line. The results are subtle compared to traditional surgical brow lift but is non invasive with shorter recovery.

Why choose Jeunesse MedSpa® for non surgical brow lift?

At Jeunesse MedSpa®, our doctors have many years of specialist experience in the use of wrinkle relaxer injections and dermal fillers for the treatment of your brow concerns. We allow you ample time to communicate your aesthetic goals to us, and use our expertise to help you achieve your desired outcome. They  carefully assess and treat your forehead, using only the latest, most advanced techniques with wrinkle relaxers and dermal filler injectables. 

Who better to trust than one of the most experienced providers in New Zealand of  non surgical brow lift treatments, the doctors at Jeunesse MedSpa®… experience you can trust. 

If you are wondering whether this treatment will meet your aesthetic goals, schedule a consultation visit with us today.

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