Skin Ageing – Are you a Sinker, Sagger Or Wrinkler?

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As we age, we fall into one of these three main categories of ageing, although we may have features of all 3. 

There are 3 Facial Aging Categories

  • Sinkers (deflators)
  • Saggers (descenders)
  • Wrinklers

Your ageing style exhibits distinct ageing traits. Knowing your facial ageing category can help you understand how you will age, and therefore your treatment options are based on what’s best suited to the type you fall into.



Do you feel like your face looks like a slowly deflating balloon? You’re  losing volume areas of your face which can cause a sunken hollowed appearance. If so, you’re probably a “Sinker”.

The natural course of the ageing process causes us to lose about 10% of the fat in our face by 35 years and an additional 5-10% every 5-10 years after that. At 55, you may have lost almost 40% of the fat in your face. Your skin becomes thinner and rougher in texture, contributing to a haggard appearance.

Your skin and tissue density are generally thinner if you’re you’re a Sinker”. Your underlying bone structure will become more visible, especially around your temples and under the cheekbone area. You may look gaunt and tend to have more angular and chiselled features! 

Rapid weight loss and athletes, especially runners, are more likely to be ”Sinkers” with volume loss most visible in the mid-cheek sbd temple areas. 

This ageing style is best combated with dermal fillers, which adds volume to the hollowed-out areas, plumping the face, resulting in a more youthful look. 



If you feel like your gravity is working against you and your skin looks like it’s sliding away from the facial bone structure beneath, you’re a “Sagger”. The skin’s connective tissues lose their integrity with elastin and collagen weakening and breaking down, so the skin loses springy texture and becomes lax, resulting in a saggy appearance. Oestrogen helps regulate the distribution and amount of subcutaneous fat, and the decreased oestrogen levels during menopause accelerate facial fat loss. 

The most successful treatments for ”saggy” faces include a combination of volume restoration with dermal filler and collagen stimulation with topical treatments including dermal needling, skin tightening and good medical at-home skincare regimes. Optimal collagen and elastin production results are one of the hardest things to do and require patience, compliance, and time. 



As the name perfectly describes it, you are a WRINKLER; if your skin’s primary feature is wrinkles, usually around the eyes, brow and lips. These lines are usually caused by frequent fine motor movements of the face, repeated over many years.

WRINKLERS tend to have thinner skin due to collagen decrease and subcutaneous fat, have excessive motor movements (facial expressions) and are often sun worshippers with photodamaged skin.

Your genetics usually determine how your skin wrinkles (you inherit “good skin” from your parents), but environmental stressors such as UV radiation, pollution, smoking, sugar and stress also contribute.

Neuromodulators are great at erasing/reducing wrinkles as they prevent muscle contraction, causing a smoother relaxed look. Carefully positioned injections of wrinkle relaxers will relax the facial muscles , reducing the chance of new wrinkles forming while smoothing the appearance of any existing wrinkles without affecting affect the expressiveness of your face. They do not improve skin quality, though. A good skincare regime coupled with in-clinic treatments like dermal needling, skin boosters, dermal fillers, nano frax or ablative laser treatments are options to improve a wrinklers skin. 

Knowing which category of face ageing you fall into helps choose the right treatment for you! 

Whatever your natural ageing style is, there are several things you can do to help slow down the process :

  • Sun safety. Regular daily Sunscreen and reduced sun exposure.
  • Moderate alcohol intake : Excess alcohol can deprive the skin of the essential nutrients it needs to maintain a full, plump appearance. In the short term, drinking alcohol can cause dehydration, making the skin look rough, dry and hollow.
  • Finally, ensure you eat a nutrient-rich diet that will supply your skin with the vitamins and antioxidants it needs to stay healthy.

With healthy habits and carefully targeted treatments, you can turn back the clock and enjoy a more youthful appearance.

So whether you’re a sinker , sagger , wrinkler or combo  if all three book a consultation to see what treatment options will help you get the skin you’ve always wanted. 


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