Can You Really Be Blinded By Beauty?

Jeunesse MedSpa® | September 17, 2017 | no responses | Fillers

You’ve probably read in the news or heard from a friend that injectable fillers can potentially cause blindness.
Yes it’s true! You can be blinded by beauty! 
While these scary articles tell the story of someone having had filler injected into their face and within a few hours they go blind, the chance of this happening is  extremely rare.
99.99% of filler injection  procedures go off without any problems  and  the results can be excellent. 
So how and why do problems arise?
This incredibly rare side effect happens when injectable fillers get into blood vessels and block off the oxygen supply. 
You may think that this only occurs if filler is injected around your eyes. The filler is NOT injected directly into the eye, but rather because of inadvertent injection of filler into an artery. The filler material then travels  to the blood vessels of the eye where it can cause blindness. 
The high risk areas of treatment are the nose, frown area ( glabella), forehead and  nasolabial fold.
Over 40 million dermal filler treatments have been performed worldwide with about 100 reported cases of blindness.
A recent case of blindness in New Zealand, as reviewed in the most recent North and South magazine, has highlighted issues that there needs to be more governance of injectable treatments. The case in particular was a very very rare occurrence in the hands of an extremely experienced nurse practitioner and you can only imagine the risks in unskilled hands! 
So be careful who you choose for dermal filling injecting. It’s really very important, it’s not just how many people are following them on Instagram, or how cheap the treatment is but rather about how experienced they are.
Dermal filler treatments can never be entirely safe. Our team at   Jeunesse MedSpa®  reduce this rare risk of  blindness with filler treatment,  by using only medically approved fillers, performed by our highly trained doctors. in a fully accredited clinic. You are in safe hands. 
“Good surgeons know how to operate, better ones when to operate, and the best when not to operate.” (Anon) 
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