Complaints Procedure

It is our objective to ensure that every client is delighted with the services that they receive at Jeunesse MedSpa®.

We do however recognise that occasionally things may go wrong. If this does happen we will try to ensure we put things right at the earliest opportunity. 

We will ensure that all complaints are followed through, documented and when appropriate action is taken to prevent a recurrence.

Please raise your concern with your practitioner or the Clinic Manager as soon as possible. We will listen carefully to your concerns and do what we can to correct any problems.

Complaints may also be made in writing by emailing or by writing to:

The Clinic Manager

Jeunesse MedSpa®

PO. Box 12389



Complaints received in writing will be acknowledged by return email or letter within one week of receipt.

We aim to fully respond to you within 20 working days of receipt of your written complaint with a resolution. If however, we cannot fully respond within the 20 working day period, we will send you written confirmation that your complaint is still under investigation.

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