Upper lip lines

Upper lip wrinkles are a common concern for many women.These pesky lines usually start to appear around the age of 40 when the skin loses elasticity, muscle tone and collagen. Lines around the mouth are formed in much the same way as lines around the eyes or forehead, in that they are mainly caused by muscle movement.

Often the term smoker’s lines is  used to describe them,  which  might cause you to assume that they only occur in smokers, but that’s definitely not the case – it affects non smokers too. Smoking however  accelerates the formation of these lines due to repeat pursuing of the lips and the effect of smoke  toxins on the skin. Upper lip lines are therefore seen in smokers much earlier than non smokers. Other triggers  include the using straws or drinking directly from bottles. Both of these common actions require you to purse your lips – which places pressure above your upper lip.

At Jeunesse MedSpa®   we strongly recommend trying to prevent the formation including stopping smoking and reducing sun exposure etc.  These lines cannot be eliminated completely but rather reduce significantly  We typically treat these lines with dermal fillers, or wrinkle relaxers or a combination of both. The depth of the lines and extent of puckering will influence treatment modalities.



Lip fillers offer the most effective non-invasive method  for treating upper lip lines and it usually only requires a very small volume of the product injected into precise locations along the lines and lip border.

We use  temporary  hyaluron rich fillers to hydrate and add volume to this area, giving the upper lip area more support and reduce  wrinkling. Most importantly, they have a proven safety record. The results that can be achieved  are usually  stunning and natural looking. 

There are 2 ways filler can be injected into the upper lip lines-

  • The filler  is injected into the fatty tissue in the upper lip to re-inflate the area and gives a more structure and integrity to the skin. Often  the vermillion border (red part of the lips) is  filled with this area to  reduce lipstick bleeds.
  • The filler is injected  superficially directly into  the lines and wrinkles.

This works well for very fine lines that just need some hydration, but as soon as you start adding  volume  extreme care needs to be taken to avoid looking unnatural. 


Tiny amounts of  strategically placed  wrinkle relaxers (4 small injections of 0.5 units in each injection point) reduces muscle contraction of  mouth muscle, reducing the lines. They should be used with caution since too much can cause not only an unnatural appearance but also problems with drinking and speaking properly. 

For best results, we recommend a combination of dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers.

This is a very safe procedure in the hands of our highly experienced cosmetic doctors. Common side-effects include redness, swelling and bruising. These usually resolve  quite quickly.  Dermal fillers can result in some lumpiness which settles easily . Too much filler can result  in lengthening of the upper lip which can look unnatural, its there really important to choose an experienced practitioner. These fillers can be broken down with an enzyme injection if required.


Why choose Jeunesse MedSpa® for upper lip line treatment?

At Jeunesse MedSpa®, our doctors have many years of specialist experience in the use of wrinkle relaxer injections and dermal fillers for the treatment of your upper lip lines. We allow you ample time to communicate your aesthetic goals to us, and use our expertise to help you achieve your desired outcome. They  carefully assess and treat your smokers lines, using only the latest, most advanced techniques with wrinkle relaxers and  dermal filler injectables. 

Who better to trust than one of the most experienced providers in New Zealand of  non invasive upper lip line treatment, the medical team at Jeunesse MedSpa®… experience you can trust. 

 So if you want to remove those vertical upper lip lines, just get in touch with us today.

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