How can I treat my tear troughs /hollows/ eye bags non-surgically? 

Jeunesse MedSpa® | September 13, 2017 | no responses |


The appearance of eye bags and tear troughs can be reduced through the injection of temporary dermal filler.

Tear troughs can be corrected by injecting dermal filler directly under the hollow between the lower eyelid and cheek. This lifts the tear trough up to the level of the lower eyelid and cheek, thus smoothing the appearance of the area. 

In the case of eye bags, often these are caused by the loss of volume in the mid-cheek. By replacing volume in the mid-cheek using dermal fillers, reduces this difference and therefore the appearance of eye bags.

Often  eye bags and tear troughs are present together and   therefore it is necessary to treat both problems by filling the mid-cheek as well as the tear trough directly.

It is important not to use too much filler in this area due to the risk of over inflation.Ideally we under correct the area with dermal filler to allow the dermal filler to slowly absorb water over the next two to four weeks. This gradually plumps up the area.

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