How does dermal filler in the forehead work?

Jeunesse MedSpa® | September 11, 2017 | no responses |

A  common oversight by both patients and practitioners,  forehead and upper face volume loss is often  not recognised.  The concern is often disguised by hair, or the focus is on other parts of the face. Replacement of volume in the forehead not only rejuvenates the face, but also in many cases improves the overall harmony and balance of the area, and general smoothness of the forehead.

The forehead tends to lose volume with ageing due to loss of subcutaneous fat, bone resorption, as well as thinning of the muscles and skin. This causes flattening or concavities to form in the forehead and the bony outline of the skull to become more evident. Furthermore, the loss of volume can tend to increase the tendency  of the skin to wrinkle with contraction of frontalis (forehead muscle).

Replacement of lost volume is best achieved by using dermal fillers. These can be strategically placed to improve volume of the forehead, and to recreate a more convex and youthful appearance. Revolumisation provides resistance to skin creasing, and brow support.

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