How to avoid pigmentation?

Jeunesse MedSpa® | September 11, 2017 | no responses |

Although pigmentation is a natural and unavoidable part of ageing, you can take steps to minimise its effects.

  • Use a broad-spectrum moisturiser that protects you from the sun. Don’t just leave the sun cream for the summer holiday – wear a daily SPF, especially on the face, ideally a minimum of 30+. For women, there are plenty of foundations that also have SPF built in, but a quality mineral-based sunscreen will protect your face and can be worn under make up too.
  • Leave any spots, scabs and lesions alone to prevent scratching and damaging the skin surface. By disturbing the skin cells, you are causing them to react and leave a mark.
  • Regular dermal therapy in clinic treatments can rid the body of dull skin cells and moisturising afterwards can help the skin become more resistant to scratches, etc.
  • Though there is no evidence to suggest a link with diet, it goes without saying that good skin does come from within. A healthy and balanced diet, crammed with antioxidants, should enable your skin to better protect itself whilst making you feel and look great.
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