What are the treatment options for hair restoration?

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Stress or age-related hair loss are not easy to treat as it is nearly impossible to completely eliminate stress from your life or slow down the natural aging process. At Jeunesse MedSpa® we have   developed a system to slow down the hair loss process AND re-grow hair

Treating the common causes of hair loss usually Combination treatment is ideal and includes:

  1. Supplements: We will be able to recommend clinical-grade supplements that have been proven to work including iron
  2. Topicals: We are able to recommend specific clinically-proven topical hair restoration products that you rub into your scalp
  3. Oral medication If you have hormonal imbalances as shown by the blood tests , oral replacement may be necessary including thyroid
  4. PRP Hair Restoration Treatments This procedure has emerged as the best non-invasive hair growth solution available today. It involves injecting your own blood into areas of hair loss in order to stimulate growth in these hair follicles


With stress-related hair loss, your hair usually grows back once stress levels are reduced. We recommend including proven stress reduction techniques, such as exercise and meditation into your daily routine.

Age-related hair loss can be both permanent and progressive, therefore your treatment needs to be more aggressive.

Treatment of Some Less Common Reasons for Hair including pathological causes usually involves a multi-step treatment plan and you may be referred to an appropriate specialist

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