What happens after the treatment?

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Full recovery takes usually takes from 4 to 10 days approximately depending on the level of energy used in the treatment (this can be tailored to your requirements). 

There is a period where the skin appears quite red. Usually this subsides within 1 week in lower energy level treatments,  Swelling of the face/eyes may occur for a few days, and sleeping on a 45 degree angle or greater can help to reduce this. There may be a mild acne-like break out (small white pustules) on the face after 3 days as the skin regenerates. The skin may scab, peel and flake and this occurs over one week.

We provide you with a moisturiser  that  needs to be applied post treatment until the skin peels, and then a normal moisturiser can be used. Sun avoidance is important post procedure to help reduce the chance of pigmentation changes post treatment, or more specifically, darkening of the treated areas.

Anti-viral medications or antibiotics may need to be taken post-treatment, depending on the depth of your treatment, and we closely monitor you for any signs of infection.

Generally the post-treatment recovery period will depend purely on the level of the treatment, and therefore we are able to tailor the recovery time to match the time you can afford to take off your normal activities.

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