What is the ideal chin aesthetic?

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The Frontal View 

The rules of Thirds  Maintaining your face in 1/3 proportions enhances aesthetic appeal

The lower third of the face  is from the base of the nose to the apex of the chin. When the chin is short there is loss of this of proportion. 



Chin fillers when injected at the apex of the chin can  lengthen the chin and enhances the lower 1/3 of one’s face. This also helps in creating the popular oval V- shaped face which studies have shown to be most aesthetically pleasing.


The Profile View 

An easy way to check proportion, is to use a align a straight object e.g. a pen,  to your nose and chin. The ideal projection is when the  pen touches the tip of your nose, lower lip and chin. If it does not, chin fillers can fill out and bring the chin forward, creating more projection. A stronger chin will make the face look more proportionate and beautiful.

Short or recessed chins can easily be treated. Dermal fillers can help to enhance the proportion of a chin without having to undergo plastic surgery. This enhancement is easily done within 10-15 mins and is a simple procedure with zero downtime.

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