How do we treat pigmentation?

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Treatment varies depending on the type of pigmentation problem and the individual’s skin.

A full clinical assessment is performed at your initial consultation including an examination under the Woods Lamp ( UV light) which helps determine the severity and depth of pigmentation

The more superficial the pigmentation the easier it responds to treatment: there is no perfect one treatment fixes all option !

  • Skin care  At Jeunesse MedSpa® we use a variety of skin care ranges including OsmosisMD, Aspect Dr, SkinMedica and Cosmedix. We use a combination of hero products from each range to given you optimum results
  • Prescription strength topical creams – Our doctors can have a bespoke prescription compounded for you to speed up the process which may include hydroquinone, vitamin A and a mild steroid or a combination of hydroquinone and kojoic acid ( pigment blocker )
  • Dermal Infusions – Many forms of hyper pigmentation exist on the upper layers of the epidermis, hence an infusion – which removes blemishes and dull cells from the surface – can prove successful. It also improves the visible texture and smoothness of the skin, so is an ideal all-round, low-maintenance treatment.
  • Light based therapy – IPL / Laser and light rejuvenation is generally acknowledged as a more permanent and visible solution. At  Jeunesse MedSpa®  we use Intense Pulsed Light treatment, which targets, breaks-up and lightens deep sun damage to create a more even skin tone. Although a single session can show notable improvements, a course of three or four treatments is usually recommended.
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